Hydroponics Growing System With LED Grow Light & Silent Fan System

1. Grow up to 15 plants 5X faster than soil

2. Brand new sleek, modern design

3. Silent pump for better oxygenation

4. Automated 36W LED grow light for full spectrum, optimal lighting

5. Touch-sensitive, APP control

6. Improved water level indicator window and water-fill port

  • Color: White、Black、Customizable
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    Product Introduction&Features

    LCD screen and exclusive APP remote control

    Smart App Assistant provides the service of Remote control & Planting Diary & Plants' information. With Smart APP assistant, you can easily set up the program via APP, which supports 2 planting modes selection, time setting of LED system and cycle pump, as well as kind reminder of the shortage of water&nutrient.


    Automatic Water-Cycling System

    With an automatic ON/OFF timer for setting theLED and water pump. The independent water pump creates a water circulation environment, adding oxygen to the roots. Compared to the soil-based, plants will grow faster and cleaner in the hydroponic cultivation. All you need to do is to add water and nutrients with the correct proportion. The 6L height water tank supports last 20+days without adding water.


    Smart Full-Spectrum Led Growing System

    Smart hydroponics garden features effective full-spectrum lamps, including White, Blue and Red LED lights. This LED system supports two planting modes for fruits & flowers and veggies & herbs.You can grow up to 15 veggies & herbs or fruits & flowers at the same time, with a 36-Watt LED Full-Spectrum Lighting System which simulates the sunlight promoting plants photosynthesis all year round, even in rainy day.


    Up to 30 inches panel rod

    The current highest rod provides a hugh space for plants growing without any limitation. You can adjust the height of the LED panel depending on the different growth stages of plants.


    Product Parameters


    16.85 x 9.65 x 13.18 inches

    43*24.5*33 cm

    Product Weight

    5.84 pounds / 2.65 kg

    Adaptor Spec

    Lnput: 100V-240V/50-60HZ

    Output: 24V



    Water Tank Capacity


    Number of Plants

    15 pods


    15 pcs pod kit / 1 water pumps

    LED Light

    Specific Spectrum

    Color box Size

    45.5x20.5x26.5 cm

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