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China-Base Ningbo
Foreign Trade Group Co., Ltd.

is one of the top 500 foreign trade enterprises in China, with a registered capital of 15 million dollars and an annual export scale of over 2 billion dollars.

What We Do?

We have a team with more than 30 years of foreign trade and management experience and professional level in R&D, purchasing, logistics management, and product development departments. Our mission is to provide global business customers with China's best products and supply chain. We collaborate with excellent Chinese factories with strong production capacity and high product quality control (currently working with over 36,000 factories) to export premium products at the most advantageous prices in the industry. Our product lines cover light handicrafts, mechanical and electronic products, textiles, apparel, etc. In addition, we provide OEM and ODM services to meet our customers' needs. We have sold thousands of products in different categories to buyers and wholesalers in 169 countries and regions worldwide.


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Why Choose Us?

In addition, we continue to expand and bring in more new talents to provide one-stop shopping to global consumers on cross-border e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, E-commerce websites, TikTok, etc. We have established strategic partnerships with more than 10 leading logistics, customs clearance, and freight forwarding companies in the industry. We have laid out overseas warehouses on the east and west coasts of the United States, Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, and other places.


Our Meta Universe digital virtual exhibition META BIGBUYER has been launched, which is a multi-functional digital virtual exhibition based on AR, VR, 3D engine, and other technologies with a high sense of linkage and comprehensive sharing features. In the exhibition hall, you can meet the "zero distance" product display and observation between buyers and sellers while staying at home. That docks the new business needs of trade cooperation, greatly expanding the breadth and depth of orders and eventually becoming a true sense of a "never-ending virtual digital showroom".


Thank you for choosing our company. We will offer you the best products and services through our excellent management and operation system with the advantages of products, talents, capital, and services accumulated over the years.

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